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John Hall
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:03:36 -0700

> Published on Tuesday, October 2, 2001 in the Guardian of London
> Genocide or Peace

If that is the choice, then choose Genocide.  We already gave peace a

> We Can Feed the Starving Afghan Millions or Mount a Military 
> Campaign. We Can't Do Both.
> by George Monbiot

> Aid workers with long experience of 
> Afghanistan report that after the first week of November, 
> there is nothing you can do. 


> The waiting is killing them.

The Taliban is killing them.

> Many of those 
> who were not at imminent risk of starvation sold all their 
> possessions to reach the frontier, only to be turned back by 
> its illegal closure. 

Help me out, why was this an illegal closure?  It seems that it is
perfectly legal, questionably effective, and quite reasonable.

> It may be possible to mount a successful military campaign 
> between now and November 7. It may be possible to mount a 
> successful humanitarian campaign between now and November 7. 
> It is simply impossible to do both. Unless the west withdraws 
> its armies and announces an immediate cessation, we could be 
> responsible for something approaching genocide in Afghanistan. 

No, the Taliban is responsible.

I don't think either is possible, but the military campaign takes
precedence.  The humanitarian campaign at this point is only a
propoganda effort in combination with the military campaign, or at least
it ought to be.

> I was also hopelessly naive and idealistic. 

He forgot completely foolish.

> If 
> military intervention succeeded in delivering up Bin Laden 
> and destroying the Taliban, it's hard to see how this could 
> fail to encourage retaliatory strikes all over the world. 

Encourage, yes.  Be nearly as effective? No.

I'm sure the defense of England encouraged additional attacks by Nazi
Germany.  It hardly means it was a bad idea.

> Had the US 
> withdrawn its forces from Guantanamo Bay, 

The US owns the Bay free and clear, I doubt we will ever leave.

> The US can 
> raise the bounty on Bin Laden's capture and surrender for 
> trial at an international tribunal. 

No trial, execute on sight.