Cali-Forks: ownership of medical records

Jim Whitehead
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:27:27 -0700

Here's a question for State of California FoRKs:

In the State of California, do I own my medical records?

In particular, if I am in my doctor's office, can I demand my medical
records folder, and walk out the door with it?

What motivates this question is that, the lat time I visted my dentist in
Irvine, prior to moving to Santa Cruz (but knowing that I would soon be
moving), I asked for my dental records folder. They said, "no, we'll hold
onto it, but you can request a copy to be sent to you when you get to Santa
Cruz." So, I called them today to get my records sent. Now I need to fill
out a form authorizing them to send my records (fine, this is good for
privacy), and pay them $25. Grrr. Why couldn't I just walk out the door with
*my* medical records at the end of my final visit?

- Jim