Cali-Forks: ownership of medical records

Jim Whitehead
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:59:40 -0700

> The circumstance they might be trying to avoid is this:
> - You walk in and take your medical records, leaving the physician with
> nothing.
> - 2 years later, you decide to file a malpractice lawsuit against
> him because a new doctor has determined that a procedure, etc. that the
> prior physician performed has harmed you in some way.
> - At this point, it is critical that he has a record of the
> treatments that he performed previously.

Well, this concern seems reasonable to me. But, for the sake of argument, it
seems to me that if I request my original records, it is reasonable for the
physician to make a copy for his records. This isa subtle difference, I
know, but it does empower the patient more, and would eliminate this $25 for
a copy of my records business.  If the physician wants to keep a copy of my
records, great, but they need to pay for it.

- Jim