It's working

Marty Halvorson
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:00:54 -0600

The terrorists are succeeding in disrupting the U.S.

On NPR this morning, reports that New York City hotel taxes are down 30
percent, Anaheim (Disneyland) tourist taxes are down 50 percent.  Denver
airport stopping a planned parking expansion.  Minneapolis / St. Paul
airport laying people off.

On the local news last night.  A woman who doesn't take her kids out unless
absolutely necessary because of fear of terrorist attacks.  A family that
will no longer fly because their son managed to get his Leatherman through
airport security twice in his CD case, once going and once returning.
People traveling to Mexico for the antibiotic used for Anthrax because it
can be bought over the counter.


Marty Halvorson
New Mexico Supreme Court
Administrative Office of the Courts
Judicial Information Division