IBDNetwork Event: "P2P--Transforming Collaboration in the Enterprise"

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:53:35 -0700

International Business Development Network
event in Palo Alto on the 23rd.  IBD (ibdnetwork.com)
is one of THE premier executive level networks in the valley &
they limit attendence so that you can actually talk to people.


IBDNetwork Event : Silicon Valley
Tuesday, October 23, 2001
The Westin Hotel, Palo Alto, CA. 6:30-8:30PM

"P2P: Transforming Collaboration in the Enterprise."

What are the key issues facing P2P technologies as they scale up to
hundreds of millions, and billions of users? To date, P2P has
primarily been used for file sharing and chat. What else could it
be used for? Which will be revenue generating? What evidence is
there that implementing a P2P solution will increase the productivity,
efficiency and lower the overall cost of doing business? How can you
measure the ROI for enterprise P2P business applications? What are
successful examples?

Brian Morrow - CEO - Endeavors Technology and Chairman of Steering
Committee- Peer-to-Peer Working Group
Jeff Langner - VP, Business Development - Entropia
Steve Waterhouse - Director of Engineering, Project Juxtapose - Sun
Jim Whitehead - Founder, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) on
Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) and Associate
Prof., UC Santa Cruz

Endeavors Technology - www.endeavors.com
Sun Microsystems (Project JXTA) - http://www.jxta.org/
PEERIntelligence - http://www.peerintelligence.com/
O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference, Washington, D.C. -
November 5-8, 2001 http://conferences.oreilly.com/p2p/

$55 for Non-Members, $35 for Members.
Seating will be limited to 100 people. Register at
More Information: http://www.ibdnetwork.com or contact Debbie Landa:

The IBDNetwork is the first international membership-based
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The IBDNetwork currently has chapters in SF, Palo Alto and Seattle,
and we are launching in Boston and LA.  We are currently seeking
"city leaders" from various industries to become the face of
IBDNetwork in their city. As a city leader, you would then be a part
of a global leadership community within the broader IBDNetwork,
sharing best practices or seek input and ideas to further enhance
the network. We currently have chapters in San Francisco and Palo Alto
if you are interested in participating in these cities please email us.

For inquiries, suggestions or more information, please send an email
to debbie@ibdnetwork.com. Thanks for your support.