Slide Rule Pr0n

Jeff Barr
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 14:27:59 -0700

My 6 year old saw a typewriter the other day and said
"look Dad, a computer with no screen".

(Sitting here in Sea-Tac airport using a Wayport 802.11B
 wireless connection, SSH window to Linux box at home, 
 and fellow-FoRKer Steve Dossick's account :-)

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> A biizare flash just hit me. 
> Tonight I have to be the Parent at my kids Parent-Teacher 
> Conference. Im all about the little darling learning, 
> reading, experiencing life, becomming a better speller than 
> me....and the thought hit me...shes in 2nd grade...shes ready 
> for a slide rule.
> An addition/subtraction one at first. 
> This will be interesting.
> (last week I taught her about negative numbers. I cnat belive 
> they dont teach negatives early on. Now she knows all about 
> being in debit and negs, which comes in handy when we talk 
> about her allowence versus all the stuff she buys durting the 
> week telling us "just take it out of my allowence")
> -tom