get your war on

Jeff Bone
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 18:09:55 -0500

Bill Stoddard wrote:

> I guess my sense of humor is... n't.
> The last strip is an ignorant low blow against religion.  Humans are tribal and will
> synthesis something to draw boundaries between themselves. In the extreme case, they will
> fight over those boundaries. If humans didn't fight about religion, they would find
> something else to fight about, like the shape of noses or some other equally stupid
> reason.

Bill's attack on the comic strip doesn't make any sense;  it criticizes the strip for
ridiculing a single sacred cow simply because it doesn't simultaneously criticize *all* sacred
cows.  That's a totally ineffective criticism, even though his point (that humans would find
something else to fight about if we didn't have religion) is obviously true.  You've got to
tip those sacred cows one at a time... :-)

I found the last panel to be one of the best and most pointed of the whole bunch --- biting,
funny, and entirely to the point.  Not "ignorant" either in any obvious sense --- perhaps you
could clarify what you meant by this, Bill.  Low blow?  Probably.  The best humor is.  The
author's got my support on this one.