Russell Turpin
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 01:38:10 +0000

Adam Beberg writes:
>She's right of course, the only way to win long term is to breed like 
>rabbits. ..

She's dead wrong. She wants us to build forts along the
Maginot line.

In a quarter century, we'll be increasing maximum human
lifespan. Maybe not much. But some. And that starts to
change the demographics, more as we get better at it.

In a half century, we'll be making people entirely out
of the womb, with powerful control over their genetic

The developing world will want at least one of these
technologies. The other will infiltrate, no matter
what their religion says.

The preachers of Islam talk about a decaying west for
the same reason that the preachers of Christianity have
done so for the last two centuries. Because they
realize how seductive and powerful the memes really

And in both cases, they will lose.


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