Clay Shirky
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 09:36:03 -0400 (EDT)

> Of course, the goal is to get democracy and education in. Education and
> womens ability to control reproduction will follow. 

Yep. The thing I keep reminding myself is that people don't kill
people, men kill people. 

I cannot think of any fundamentalist culture with emancipated women.

> The rest fixes itself, at which time, whoever has the most people
> wins.

I'm not really sure what you mean here by "wins". Once you are in a
society of democratic states, the notion of winning is almost no
use. Spain has 10 times as many people as Norway. By what token can
Spain be said to be 'winning' over Norway?

> > If "the West" stands for anything, it's that man's relationship to man
> > should be defined in political rather than biological terms.
> Bullshit. A mans relationship to man here in the US of A is about how green
> you are, not how black, white, brown, or republican you are. Ask anyone who
> isn't green enough. No politics are involved.

Do you have any idea how completely political a situation this is? How
radical the idea that any two people of different races, religions,
genders should all be able to plug into the same financial grid? 

Politics are absolutely required to create a situation like that -- a
rule of law, clear title to property, universal franchise, and 
strong anti-discrimination laws. On my block, if I walk into a Yemeni
diner, and they refuse to take my money because I'm white, they're
breaking Federal law. Sounds awfully political to me.

> > We, on the other hand, are set, because more Americans arrive every
> > day.
> Wait, are you agreeing or disagreeing with her ;)

Adam, I know there are no bombs or anthrax where you are, so this must
all seem like a big game to you, but you should be ashamed of yourself
for advocating for Gallagher's racist line of thinking.