Required viewing?

Wayne E Baisley
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:58:52 -0500

> Am I the last person in America who watches only what
> the rabbit ears pick up?

Nope.  Although I have been tempted (but only very slightly) by Dish
Net's $10/month deal.  But mostly because I had replaced our ancient
antenna on the chimney a few years ago, but the neighbor's willow tree
has grown and is beating the snot out of it now when we have a storm. 
Channel 2 is half gone.  So the Top Ten List is snowy.  Quelle domage. 
It'll be a while before it clobbers the Simpsons on Channel 32.

On a mostly unrelated note, there was a report of a suspicious substance
outside a Mexican restaurant in Chicago earlier this week.  It turned
out to be ... guacamole.  So, we adapt an old song for the occasion --

  Put on your green dress, Mama,
  Guacamole Anthrax tonight.