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Kelley kelley@interpactinc.com
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:14:24 -0400

At 02:01 PM 10/18/01 -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> >>>>> "E" == Eugene Leitl <Eugene.Leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de> writes:
>     E> how many people so far? 1, 2? Negligable. I would start
>     E> worrying when you'd add two or three zeros.
>but ... what if your objective is terror?  Dead people do not show
>much outward sign of fear.  These attackers are, after all, not called
>"exterminators", but "terrorists".

yes, exactly. and, just like in my business, anti-cyberterrorism, the point 
isn't that cyberterrorism will bring a firm or country down, but that 
cyberterrorism can be used to 1. start small conflagrations that distract 
people activities designed to start another, bigger fire and/or 2.it's 
useful for exacerbating the effects of conventional terrorism.

This kind of low-level terrorism is precisely the kind of thing that would 
rationally be chosen as the step after a spectacular attack.

After all, terrorism is best understood as asymmetrical warfare. Terrorists 
don't have as many guns or as much money as their opponent. So, they use 
their opponent's guns against them. And, in the case more specifically, 
they use our advanced technologies and advanced division of labor and our 
fat, complacent selves against us.