Lisa Dusseault
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 20:20:39 -0700

Usually, whenever there's racism, there's racist words like towelhead.  That
they exist is evidence, wouldn't you say?

Of course I don't consider myself racist. :)  Yet I'd happily shock somebody
by asking if they think such and such about "niggers", if I wanted to accuse
them or simply shock them into wondering if a position was bigoted.  Usually
the implication of using a bigotry-charged word is that bigotry is involved.
I've also used 'honky' in conversation though it doesn't really have the
same effect.

There's some quite famous usage in the movie Three Kings...

"Lord knows what vermin live in the butt of a dune coon."
"Why do you let this cracker follow you around, man?"
"Oh, he's alright, man, he's got no high school, he's from a group home in
Dallas, he doesn't know any better."
"Don't tell people that!"
"I don't give a shit if he's from Johannesburg. I don't wanna hear 'dune
coon' or 'sand nigger' from him or anybody else."
"Cap'n uses those terms."
"Look, the point is, Conrad, that 'towelhead' and 'camel jockey' are
perfectly good substitutes."
"I apologize. It's just a little confusing with all this pro-Saudi,
anti-Iraqi type language and all that."

OK I'm curious now, what do you mean by "that status"?


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> > Hey, why don't I accuse you of racism?  After all, you're promoting
> > something which you believe will lead to a lower birthrate in non-white
> > countries.  You want fewer towelheads in the long run, admit it, right?
> Are you as freewheeling with the dreaded "N" word as you are with
> "Towelhead"
> in typical conversations?  I'm just trying to gauge how far we
> towelheads have
> to go before we get to that status.
> -rudy rouhana
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