Sherry Listgarten
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:50:54 -0700

> Following your native vs. non-native plant analogy, where do 
> we draw the
> line between native cultural memes, and invasive ones?

Hard to say. For one, I tend to think that memes with short-term
advantages/appeal take precedence over the longer-term, require-more-work
variants. At least in the short-term :)

Take, for example, sushi chefs. It takes 7-10 years in Japan to become a
sushi chef. It might be a year or more before you can even touch the rice.
But at the recently-established California Sushi Academy in Venice
California, the "professional" program is a mere 3 months.

Does this have the potential of degrading the whole sushi culture? Can
enough people tell the difference that the market for the experienced chefs
will remain?

(I don't know, I hate the stuff, personally -- I always liked the Gary
Larson (or someone) cartoon that showed two Japanese chefs in a kitchen,
giggling like mad, pointing out to the dining room, and one saying to the
other "Hey look at that! They're eating it!")

-- Sherry.