Sherry Listgarten
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 12:31:34 -0700

> Well, kinda, though I can't imagine any real way of distinguising
> 'real' means from 'artificial' means in this arena. Lets say instead
> that I am opposed to coercion.

It's not clear to me how to distinguish between education and coercion. If
I'm coerced, then presumably I'm not acting of my own free will. But what is
my own free will other than the lump sum of my education/experience? Should
all education be administered randomly? Or is guided education fine, but
only up to a certain age? Or ???

> I'm not even saying 'translate'. I'm in the Amaryata Sen camp --
> economic theories _are_ cultural theories. In my view, economics is
> the study of how people spend their lives, not just their money.

I haven't heard of this camp. Is this a good summation?

    It's futile to pursue global principals such as "world free
    trade" or "multiculturalism". The only thing you can do is
    allow each person to act in their own best interests, give
    them freedom to do so, and step back and see what happens.
    If people combine to build walls, so be it. If it bothers
    other people, they can break them down. This is the only way
    to evolve a stable system. If world free trade doesn't result,
    then it's not worth pursuing.

    Individuals should all have absolute freedom, except of
    course that they should all agree that individual freedom
    is paramount. And they will come to realize this, with
    sufficient logical reasoning, once all barriers to
    understanding are removed. Therefore we should act directly
    to remove all barriers, instruct everyone in logical reasoning
    and the importance of such, and require each individual to
    assess and consider all sources of information equitably.

-- Sherry.