Clay Shirky
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 16:51:48 -0400 (EDT)

> performance of the web services framework. (By which I mean mainly the
> xml/soap-or-xmlrpc/wsdl/uddi stack.)

XML-RPC doesn't yet fit into the WSDL/UDDI world, though Dave and
Lucas and some other folks on the decentralization mailing list are
talking about that.

> 1. I haven't read enough -- lots of people care and are addressing it

Not lots. The real issues now are ease of adoption -- maximizing
developer resources is the real performance issue at the moment.

> 2. The services are *so* coarse-grained that overhead is minimal
> 3. Performance is not as important as widespread participation -- simple
> trumps fast

Yes and yes, and there are a couple more.

  Network latency is now a more serious issue than local cycles for
  marshalling and unmarshalling, so the overhead of either formatting
  and making a SOAP call or receiving and parsing a resulting document
  is smaller (probably *much* smaller) than the wait for the remote

and of course

  There aren't very many working Web Services to test, so its hard to
  know what to optimize.