Sherry Listgarten
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 21:11:14 -0700

> But the issue here is not American culture

Of course it is. American schools, American taxes, American jurisdiction. If
I'm a Hassidic Jew, I can't move to America and expect separate bus systems,
or eruvs around my town (cf Palo Alto). All I can hope for, as a religious
Jew in the States, is a vote. And even that is subject to the constitution,
which apparently considered this separation of church and state.

You seem to be implying that I (or someone) thinks it is America's duty to
actively promote and sustain distinct cultures within its borders. I don't
recall saying or thinking that. I would think that by default America would
act to support/sustain American culture in the States, namely a democratic
melting pot. Hence tax dollars used for diversity -- busing for
desegregation, not segregation. And, per our culture, votes could indicate
other initiatives, where constitutional.

-- Sherry.