Russell Turpin
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:26:41 +0000

Sherry Listgarten writes:
>If I'm a Hassidic Jew, I can't move to America and expect separate bus 
>systems, or eruvs around my town.

Well, you certainly can't expect it of an arbitrary
city. But you are free to create your own community with
other Hasidic Jews, and then pretty much do what you
want, including educate your own children. Many groups
in America have done this. There are still Amish
communities in Pennsylvania. They are not required to
bring phones into their homes, nor use tractors. You
can move to Zendik farm, just outside Austin, if you
want the hippie commune experience.

Of course, none of these are a nation. And it takes a
degree of extra discipline to maintain such separate
cultures within a larger society that does not share
its values. But there are lots of religious and non-
religious groups that prove it can be done. For
decades, or even centuries.


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