Control of immigration (was: Multiculturalism)

Paul Prescod
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 08:29:14 -0700

Clay Shirky wrote:
> Paul, that's because I was making a joke. Whenever any free market
> advocate starts talking about being Pope of something and issuing
> edicts, you can pretty much assume they are not making a serious
> proposal. I was looking for the same thing Russell was looking for,
> namely some way to dramatize that immigration is a trade issue, but
> not often treated as one.

I treated it as serious because it seemed to stem from this same point
that our current laws were designed to shift power from labour to owners
and to purposely keep poor people poor so that they could be exploited
in this way. That's what Russell said and you claimed to agree with him
and with anti-globalizers who say the same. Now I can't find anyone to
defend this oft-heard refrain.

I see this as a much more serious charge than that migration laws
produce trade distortions. So to do food safety laws, welfare laws and
most other governmental programs. So what?

 Paul Prescod