Control of immigration (was: Multiculturalism)

John Hall
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:58:07 -0700

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> The only thing standing in the way of my moving them here is 
> immigration laws, so now I can a) hire more expensive 
> American engieners (higher ongoing costs), b) open a 
> Bangalore branch office (higher fixed costs) or c) scrap the 
> database port (higher opportunity costs).

Immigration laws are a political response to the externalities you would
cause by shifting the labor here.

Now, if you completely blow up the Fair Deal and New Deal social nets
(Yeah Team!) I'd be quite happy to let you bring the engineers here.  I
might insist that they speak fluent English and take the oath to be a
citizen.  I might even place a reasonable one time tax on the
transaction.  But I would let them come.