Control of immigration (was: Multiculturalism)

Russell Turpin
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 20:24:29 +0000

Paul Prescod writes:
>There is a global labour market. That's the whole point of globalization. 

If we had achieved globalization to *that* extent, Nike
and other companies would not bother to locate their
plants half the globe from their major markets.

>The locality of the impoverished is not important to Nike's bottom line.

That's true. I'm less concerned about the location
of impoverishment than how global policies affect its
persistence. Nike and other companies that locate
plants in poor nations are helping labor there, by
bringing paying jobs to where there are few. At the
same time, it is taking advantage of an impoverished
population most of whom, because of immigration laws,
cannot seek their fortunes in the rich nations. Most
of the people making shoes in Nike plant in Vietnam
could, were they allowed, make much more money
performing manual labor in the states. But even if
we opened borders to a larger portion, that might
have very little lasting effect, if the impoverishment
there were just recreated in the next generation.

I don't have an answer to this problem. I see it as
a very large problem, and it's not clear to me
whether globalization will solve it before it brings
it to our doorsteps.


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