Control of immigration (was: Multiculturalism)

John Hall
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:12:12 -0700

> Paul Prescod writes:
> >There is a global labour market. That's the whole point of 
> >globalization.
> >..
> If we had achieved globalization to *that* extent, Nike
> and other companies would not bother to locate their
> plants half the globe from their major markets.

Hardly, see the concept of comparitive advantage.

> Nike and other companies that locate plants in 
> poor nations are helping labor there, by bringing paying jobs 
> to where there are few. At the same time, it is taking 
> advantage of an impoverished population 

Thomas Sowell said once that it was useful making a distinction between
discrimination and exploitation.

It is a vicious crime to prohibit a black man who could have been an
engineer from becoming one, and leaving him only with the ability to be
a gardener (this was wrt Apartheid South Africa).

But it is not exploitation to pay him as a gardener.  He _is_not_ an
engineer, you can't afford to pay him as an engineer to do gardening
work, and refusing to employ him at all is hardly doing him a favor.

Nike is not taking advantage of an impoverished population.