Control of immigration (was: Multiculturalism)

John Hall
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:18:35 -0700

> From: [] On 
> Behalf Of Russell Turpin

> John Hall writes:
> >Now, if you completely blow up the Fair Deal and New Deal 
> social nets 
> >(Yeah
> >Team!) I'd be quite happy to let you bring the engineers here. ..
> Actually, John, it is quite likely in twenty years we
> will find it convenient to import a lot of young
> engineers, so that people then retiring can collect
> on their Social Security. Immigration is one way of
> solving the demographic problems of that system.

... Provided you do, in fact, import young engineers and not manual

Importing engineers, even where that depresses the market for engineers,
is a good thing.  Not that all of my engineering friends will agree.
The same is not true for unskilled labor.

We should staple a green card to every B. S. or better earned by a
foreign student at a US institution (perhaps, these days, with a
background check in some cases).

And I don't mind selling the right to be citizens.

"Ok, world.  We now have enough tired and poor of our own, thank you.
But you can send us all the young smart and ambitious that wish to come.
Or the rich, we'll take those, too."