iWalk has DAV support?

Jim Whitehead ejw@cse.ucsc.edu
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:01:13 -0700

Well, if the discussion at http://www.spymac.com/ is correct, it looks like
the iWalk is the first personal computer appliance with native DAV support:

"It features a high-color TFT-screen with handwriting recognition (using
former newton-technology so it's a lot better than current palm os
recognition) and direct access to both data stored on local macs (using
AirPort) or on iDisk-volumes (using either routing through AirPort or the
built-in modem)."

But, it goes on to say:

"The amazing feature is that mp3 files don't have to be stored locally on
the device but can be streamed via AirPort from any Mac that has an
AirPort-card and iTunes 2 installed which is going to be released on Tuesday
as well."

So, perhaps mp3s can be put onto the iDisk using DAV, but are streamed to
the iWalk using a streaming protocol of some sort. Or maybe there is the
streaming protocol, as well as DAV.

- Jim