How Moore's Law Marches On

R. A. Hettinga
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:29:03 -0400

At 1:03 PM -0400 on 10/23/01, Antoun Nabhan wrote:

> Perhaps this chip-fab technology will extend the curve out to 2009 or so.

I remember a bit on Forbes a few years back on Moore's Second Law,
propounded by Moore himself, about a limit to the asymptote. Moore noted
that the cost of chip fabs themselves went up by an order of magnitude
every <mumblemumble> years or so.

Chip fabs are in the single billion-dollar digits still, but they're going
into the double digits Real Soon Now. Moore, back then figured that $100
billion was way too damn much for anybody's fab, thank you very much, and
he figured that was supposed to happen in 20<?mumble> years from now...


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