Stupid Idea Series: Hindenburg ready to resume service

Dave Long
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 12:46:00 -0700

> is just embarrassing.

Two solutions to "passenger jets
as pigeon-guided missiles":

1/ Zeppelins.  There has always
been a minority willing to trade
latency for comfort; perhaps if
the majority were scared enough
of jets, there would be demand
enough for unhurried air travel.

(I'd be happy to give every poor
person their own blimp -- just so
long as they keep lucrative jobs
covering their payments to me)

2/ If we must have jets, use some
anesthetic on the passengers and
slide them into pallets instead of
cabin seats.  Revive upon arrival.

Crew need not stress about the
passengers*, and the passengers
need not stress over the travel. 


* Returning to the mainland from
HI (good time to avoid crowds --
I recommend it, despite dengue),
we decided to get to the airport
early to avoid the long lines we
saw in the newspapers.  Instead
of doing any El Al sort of job,
the airlines seem to have decided
they only need half the counter
staff now that everyone expects
the wait to be twice as long.