Stupid Idea Series: Hindenburg ready to resume service

Johan Hjelm
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 13:54:43 +0900

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Actually, there are several companies starting zeppelin traffic. The cargo is
not people, though, it is - cargo. Flying a zeppelin is much cheaper than
flying a jet, especially if fuel keeps going up. Initially, they are supposed
to act as "flying cranes", bringing in heavy equipment to out-of-the-way sites;
but I could well foresee a day when the freight from East Asia crosses Russia
in a zeppelin. Who cares if your computer monitor takes an extra day?

More at and
- amazing that that company still exists...


Jim Whitehead wrote:

> > 1/ Zeppelins.  There has always
> > been a minority willing to trade
> > latency for comfort; perhaps if
> > the majority were scared enough
> > of jets, there would be demand
> > enough for unhurried air travel.
> Actually, I think blimps do have a future in the 2nd/3rd world. It is
> possible to scale up a blimp to hold many passengers, and the cost per mile
> is less than for planes.
> - Jim

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