Infoworld: WebDAV Comes of Age

Meltsner, Kenneth
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 04:40:30 -0400

No, it wasn't cynical, although I'm sure it was overly simplified.

I was just trying to indicate that it wasn't a *technical* decision to =
not include WebDAV in Win2K.  As you wrote, there were lots of good =
ideas that didn't get included.

"Political" may have been the wrong word; "pragmatic" would have been =

And _Breaking Windows_ didn't discuss this in specific.  It did cover =
the IE/Windows integration tussles, such as the replacement of the =
original Explorer with IE.
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> Simple political explanation: the Office team and the IE team wanted
WebDAV, the core Windows 2K team didn't.
Make that the overly simplified and cynical explanation.. :)

IMHO, The win2k team wasnt opposed to DAV, they just werent willing to =
up to
build a new redirector for win2k.   That isnt saying anything abouit =
they really
had plenty of things to do before shipping win2k.   There were a bunch =
that ended up in XP that were originally on the win2k schedule way =
was suggested but were cut.
Your comment indicates that the win2k team didnt like DAV.  Even if =
that is
in the book
you mention, I dont remember experiencing that sentiment from the =
people I
with in NT networking.
BTW:  my original explanation of how the XP DAV worked came from one of
people who were in the NT networking team.

An OOps..
in my haste, I definitely forgot to include the office/rosebud team in =
did a lot of work to make DAV happen for IE5/office2000...  They did a =
of work.

Many of you will also remember Yaron Goland, who personally emitted a =
amount of hot air (as you know he can) preventing DAV from being cut
numerous times.