Editorial on Ellison, McNealy, and national ID card

Marty Halvorson martyh@nmcourts.com
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:49:05 -0600

At 16:41 10/25/01 -0400, Clay Shirky wrote:
>> I don't know the answer either, but, in the world of legal XML standards,
>> we've just defined a DNA element as:
>Interesting. Who's the "we" in that sentence? NM, or the US?

Under the auspices of the Department of Justice, three organizations who
have developed XML standards for the legal community got together and
reconciled their DTD/Schemas.  The three organizations are: LegalXML -
developer of the Court Filing Standard, Regional Information Sharing System
(RISS) - developer of a system for police agencies to share information,
and FBI sponsored rap sheet committee - developer of a standard for
encoding information from a suspects Rap Sheet.  One of the bits that the
FBI intends to collect and keeps in Rap sheets is dna information, the
current version of the rap sheet had a place holder.  That place holder was
recently defined.  The new definition will be used by all three
organizations as part of their common data element set.

LegalXML in particular is developing XML standards for all aspects of legal
documents.  The first proposed standard is available at:
http://www.legalxml.org/CourtFiling/  It will be necessary to scroll down
to "January 2001 Version of Proposed Court Filing Standard"


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