Slide Rule Pr0n

Jeff Barr
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 22:12:24 -0700

I think time is running backward. 

My 10 year old daughter just asked me "Dad, can we get a  toaster 
oven? They're so cool."

I told her that when I was her age, we _had_ the toaster oven and
that we thought that microwaves were cool.

Strange days we live in.


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> My 6 year old saw a typewriter the other day and said
> "look Dad, a computer with no screen".

A neighboring family told us about when their 9-yr-old daughter got very
confused by a dial telephone.  After lifting the receiver, she just
poked at
the numbers -- and didn't understand why nothing was happening.

[Which is not really so unreasonable, either, since there are
"old-fashioned" phones sold that look sort of like dial phones but have
round buttons in the finger holes.  Whereas you have to search to find a
real dial phone these days.]