Opera Software smacking down Microsoft

Robert Harley robert.harley@inria.fr
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 17:57:02 +0200 (MET DST)

MS trying to claim Opera less standards-compliant than IE...

Opera and Mozilla get MSN support
By James Watson
Posted: 26/10/2001 at 11:53 GMT

Microsoft will now support Opera and Mozilla users on its MSN.com
portal, a change decided late yesterday by Bob Visse, director of
marketing for MSN.

Earlier this week, when users tried accessing its new-look portal, a
number of non-MS browsers were denied access and rerouted to a site
advising them to download IE in order to see all the content

According to Opera, MS had earlier claimed that Opera users were
denied entry due to its inability to "support the latest XHTML

Following the change to support the other browsers, CNET reports Visse
saying: "The experience may be slightly degraded simply because they
don't support the standards we support closely, as far as the HTML
standard in those browsers."

Jon von Tetzchner, Opera's CEO, fired back: "Opera's XHTML standard is
of the highest quality ... it is internationally acclaimed and
renowned for its strict compliance with all international Internet
standards. Maybe Microsoft should take a look at its lack of respect
for the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) international Internet
standards before bad-mouthing others."

There's more. W3C has a validation service that checks HTML and XHTML
documents for conformance to its recommendations and other
standards. Pop in 'www.msn.com' and it spits back: "Sorry, this
document does not validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict."

Von Tetzchner believes this latest behaviour is acknowledgement from
MS that Opera is a "valid threat to its dominance." But he's just
getting warmed up: "I would like to use this opportunity to applaud
all the vigilant Opera users around the world who immediately reacted
to this abominable act from Microsoft. Opera fervently believes that
the Internet only will thrive if it remains a structure where human
innovation can prosper to the benefit of everyone. All users will
benefit from a dynamic marketplace where users can choose from several
browser alternatives."


Smack smack.

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