Division Director Searches

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:16:59 -0700

Hi Andy,
  I have access to many such candidates coming
from UC Irvine.  As I am peppered with recruiting
requests, I have a standard agreement for recruiting
activities that involves a flat fee regardless of
whether a candidate actually accepts a spot or not. 
Some recruiting agencies find this type of structure

I'd be more than happy to waive this fee in the spirit
of academic placement.  Typically in academic recruting,
it's not the dollar amount of the position that's the determining
factor, but the size of research budget, area of interest,
interaction with existing researchers, etc.  From what
I can garner, you are seeking a director level R&D position. 
You will find these people at:
   o Companies that are cutting research areas out of their
     R&D labs, i.e. Intel's "back to chips" or Sun Lab's
     focus on integrating their core product lines,
   o Non-tenured academic researchers or tenured academic
     researchers looking to expand the scope of their project
     to a commercial or semi-commercial reach,
   o ex- and current DARPA or NSF program managers.  

The last is a great source of highest level, talented
researchers that have experience in running these type of
centers, labs, or budgeted R&D projects.   Their tenure at
DARPA/NSF is typically 2-5 years.  The skils of evaluating
promising research, focusing research efforts in the face
of limited R&D dollars, and managing multiple projects make
them ideal candidates.  

Good luck in your search, and I hope this helps.


"Loyd,Andy" wrote:
> Greg,
> I am currently working with the Computing and Computational Sciences
> Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and am "writing" to share with
> you the latest director level opportunities and ask for your assistance.
> I am searching for top tier candidates for three, new Division Director
> positions.
> These positions will be responsible for the technical leadership, operation,
> and management of a Division and report to the Associate Laboratory Director
> (ALD) for Computing and Computational Sciences.
> The successful candidates will organize, direct, and manage all functions of
> the Division.  A major goal will be to establish recognized technical
> excellence in computing and computational science by building a strong
> research effort and scientific collaboration within the broad national and
> international community.
> The position requires an advanced technical degree with extensive experience
> in the computational sciences or other relevant technical degree area.
> Position also requires management experience with proven ability to plan,
> organize, and manage activities of a diverse organizational unit within a
> major R&D facility, including a working knowledge of policies and guidelines
> that relate to administration and management of complex R&D organizations.
> The salary ranges for the positions are  range from $120,0000 to $150,000
> with additional room for exceptional candidates.
> If you know of anyone that may be interested in these opportunities please
> forward this email to him or her.  You may also forward referrals to me and
> I would be very glad to discreetly contact them.
> I am also very interested in any recommendations or suggestions on how to
> network for this level of candidate.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this email.  I appreciate any
> assistance you can provide.
> Andy Loyd
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