Microsoft DRM2 cracked, source code released

Lucas Gonze
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:22:28 -0400

I sent that mail to fork on 10/19 (the day the beale screamer thing was
released), and it arrived on 10/27.  Does anyone else have problems like that
with forkmail?

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> Subject: RE: Microsoft DRM2 cracked, source code released
> The attached notes on philosophy and legality are thoughtful and well
> informed,
> and the project as a whole is an extremely high quality work of civil
> disobedience.  For example, the emphasis on politics within the
> distro makes it
> clear that this is intended as political speech more than running
> software.  The
> README file in the distro (attached) is also excellent.  All in all, a
> star-quality piece of political hacking.