Antigen found =*.exe file

Karl Anderson
28 Oct 2001 23:56:27 -0800

"Aaron Blosser" <> writes:

> Regardless of your opinion though, it's perfectly normal and acceptable
> for a virus scanner to send messages to the sender and recipient of any
> email that it has caught in it's filter.  If the sender or recipient
> happens to be a list, so what?

98% of everything you read on mailing lists or the web is crap, so you
might as well be remembered for adding to the larger part, eh?  Could
you have your spellchecker mail me and the list, too, when I send mail
with spelling errors?  Please?

> I'm not claiming that I don't know where it came from. I checked, and
> it did come from us, but I also know it doesn't "forge" anything as you
> suggest.  But don't take my word for it (I know you won't anyway...
> you're not the type to trust anyone, and no, that's not an insult, just
> a statement).

Naw, the net is too big to never just take people's word for stuff once
in a while.  And a lot of google'd list archives have similar mail
from "antigen" with the list's domain added, so I take your word for it.

Karl Anderson