FoRK policy recommendation, process recommendation Re: Antigen found =*.exe file

Jeff Bone
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 03:24:41 -0600

Joe claims that we've all come to consensus about letting non-members post to
the list.  I don't believe this to be the case.  My policy recommendation is to
configure the list to screen out posts from non-subscribers.  If --- as it
appears --- we need a "vote" of some kind to enact this policy decision, my
recommendation is to weight the vote in some way to reflect the participation
in FoRK of the voters in question.  The first, most obvious way to weight
things would be in terms of most frequent voters:  individual vote X
posts-in-the-last-year.    Of course this would be my first recommendation.
;-)  A more pertinent mechanism might be individual vote X
posts-responded-to-in-last-year.  This information / metric should be easy to
harvest;  if nobody else feels like writing the Perl script to do so, under
duress I volunteer.

Hopefully, it won't require this.  Let your voice be heard.  Should FoRK be
closed to non-members or not?  It's your call...



Jeff Bone wrote:

> Aaron,
> These are good questions.  I challenge Joe Barr's assertion that this was
> the clear will of the subscribers.  It seems to my "Memento"-like
> recollection that Joe is overapplying something that came up earlier onlist
> in a different context, perhaps inappropriately.
> Despite this --- butt the hell out.  Fix your list / spam problem.  I've
> never heard of you before, and your commercially-oriented messages aren't
> welcome in my mailbox.  That's my own opinion, not a list opinion:  have a
> great life.  Come back if you have something FoRKful to share.
> jb
> Aaron Blosser wrote:
> > So if I wanted to (and not that I would), I could just start
> > spamvertising and using that whenever I sign up for
> > anything, getting it into every DMA list I can find, and that'd be just
> > fine with the list subscribers?
> >
> > Was there a vote to do that, or was this decision itself a "fascist"
> > one, dictated from the administrator of the list? :)
> >
> > Whatever the case, I'll butt out now with a parting shot that I'm
> > convinced my antivirus software has done nothing wrong, but it's a
> > misconfigured list server that caused the message to go to the list.
> > End of story as far as I'm concerned, but the accusation was made that
> > somehow our server was at fault, so I wanted to defend it. :)
> >
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> > > Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 10:40 PM
> > > To: Aaron Blosser
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> > > Subject: RE: Antigen found =*.exe file
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> > > Changing the list to NOT accept emails from non-subscribers
> > > has been deemed "fascist" by members of the list.
> > >
> > > At 10/28/2001 09:19 PM, Aaron Blosser wrote:
> > > >I still say it's the lists job to NOT accept emails from non
> > > >subscribers, and I still see that even my messages (I am not a
> > > >subscriber) have been showing up in the list archives.
> > >
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