Antigen found =*.exe file

Aaron Blosser
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:17:23 -0800

I won't say that because I didn't spam, my server didn't spam, and you
have no idea what spam is if you think an AV warning is spam.

It's nice to see that ad hominem attacks haven't gone out of style.  One
would think highly educated folks like yourself would know better.

I'll go away once there's some admission that it's YOUR list at fault.

And if you really want me to go away, don't include me in your "to:"
lists because I'm NOT a list subscriber, as I have mentioned before.  I
simply "reply to all" so we can all hopefully learn that having a
totally open list is a BAD BAD thing.

If you all want to think I'm a "self-important jerk" or other choice
words flung my way, fine, but start blocking non-subscribers from
posting to your list and you won't have to hear from me or other "jerks"
like me.

(Mark is just going to love the ribbing I give him about this fun list
he's on...)

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> Mr Blosser,
> Do you work hard to act like a self-important jerk or were you born
> the
> knack? Why not just say "sorry" and go away? You spammed. Now go away.
> Quietly.