Antigen found =*.exe file

Mike Masnick
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:42:54 -0800

At 09:00 AM 10/29/01 -0800, Aaron Blosser wrote:
>Comments like yours, and also from Tom:
> "If you cant be held responsable for the email that comes from your
>computer system maybe you should rethink your using that computer
>Learn the tool or play the fool.
>As to making closed in communities simply becuase there are hordes of
>careless and self imposed ignoramouses...I say we nuke the fuckers back
>to the stone ages and then they will learn ...oh wait wrong thread. 
>Actualy, it works here too. Heads up."
>Just show that you don't know what the FoRK you're talking about when it
>comes to email systems.

Or that we're not completely closed minded...

>I'm blaming the FoRK list!  ANY list that simply allows non-subscribers
>to post is asking for all kinds of trouble.  I'm not merely suggesting
>anything anymore --  I'm flat out stating that what our antivirus
>software did was totally, 100% fine, expected, anticipated, and so on.
>If you don't like it, by all means add our mail server to your

Isn't it possible that there are some completely valid reasons to allow
non-subscribers to post?  I like when people who aren't even on the list
tell us what to do (see, Aaron, we wouldn't even be having this lovely
discussion without this great ability where you can feel free to suddenly
decide what a mailing list you have nothing to do with should do).  It
makes for some arguments and yet another day of 100 FoRK-posts to ignore.
That's just one of the many reasons why FoRK lets non-subscribers post.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, and every six months or so
when this argument comes up, I don't see what the big deal is.

We've had plenty of interesting discussions here where someone who wasn't a
list member was cc'ed and had a chance to contribute their valuable (or
idiotic - it doesn't really matter) thoughts on the matter without having
to become a full-fledged FoRKer.

Except for an occasional spam and some guy, Aaron, who thinks he can tell
us what to do, we haven't had much trouble with the open posting on the
list (in my opinion).

>Out of curiousity, how much *real* spam does your list get because of
>this hare-brained "allow all" policy that nobody remembers voting on?

Not so much these days... actually.  I think credit belongs to JoeBar, but
I'm not sure I was paying attention to when or how that all happened.

>Oh, and considering some of the questionable spelling, perhaps I
>*should* have a spelling bot automatically send back corrections.
>(Another joke!  See?  Life isn't always so serious, is it?)

Heh.  Anyone who faults Tom for his spelling obviously has no idea what
he's talking about.  Aaron, I think you've made a mistake...  In the
future, when flaming random mailing lists, it might help to do some
research on who you're flaming... Besides, I think that was one of the
least misspelled of Tom's posts.

Wait... so far Aaron has brought up closing the list to non-subscribers &
made fun of Tom's postings... Is he trying to force us to relive all the
arguments of flamewars past?  This is going to take quite a while if you
don't speed it up, Aaron.  You haven't even touched on "should we keep the
archives open or closed?", the CobraBoy project, jbone's ability to post in
his sleep, web services, traffic problems (the ones with cars),
SOAP/RDF/XML/RSS/REST/Blah/Blah, the Israel-Palestinian question, Dave
Winer, global warming, Echelon, and just who's economic theories do *you*
subscribe to?

 - Mike