FoRK policy recommendation, process recommendation Re: Antigen found =*.exe file

Mike Masnick
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:58:24 -0800

At 03:24 AM 10/29/01 -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:
>Joe claims that we've all come to consensus about letting non-members post to
>the list.  I don't believe this to be the case.  My policy recommendation
is to
>configure the list to screen out posts from non-subscribers.  If --- as it
>appears --- we need a "vote" of some kind to enact this policy decision, my

FoRK?  A democracy?  Come on, Jeff, you should know better than that... I
learned that somewhere early on when I made the ridiculous suggestion of
(*gasp*) closing the FoRK-archives to the public, and was told in no
uncertain terms that Rohit would have none of that.  This list is
controlled by whoever is in charge (which is an open question, sometimes,

>recommendation is to weight the vote in some way to reflect the participation
>in FoRK of the voters in question.  The first, most obvious way to weight
>things would be in terms of most frequent voters:  individual vote X
>posts-in-the-last-year.    Of course this would be my first recommendation.
>;-)  A more pertinent mechanism might be individual vote X

Again, you're nuts.  I think the extra points should go to those of us who
wasted all that time READING all the stuff you and tom posted... I've
probably spent more time with FoRK than you, because we've already proved
( that you don't
even read the list ;).  After that, we didn't actually have any time left
to post.  Don't count the lurkers out just because you have an itchy send
finger.  We've paid our dues, dammit.

>Hopefully, it won't require this.  Let your voice be heard.  Should FoRK be
>closed to non-members or not?  It's your call...

As for the actual question at hand, as I stated in my email to Aaron, I
think there are some legitimate uses of keeping posts open to
non-subscribers.  Mostly this comes into play when a non-sub is cc'ed and
has relevant info to the discussion.