FoRK policy recommendation, process recommendation Re: Antigen found =*.exe file

Lorin Rivers
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:14:08 -0600

At 3:24 AM -0600 10/29/01, Jeff Bone wrote:
>Joe claims that we've all come to consensus about letting non-members post to
>the list.  I don't believe this to be the case.  My policy 
>recommendation is to
>configure the list to screen out posts from non-subscribers.  If --- as it
>appears --- we need a "vote" of some kind to enact this policy decision, my
>recommendation is to weight the vote in some way to reflect the participation
>in FoRK of the voters in question.  The first, most obvious way to weight
>things would be in terms of most frequent voters:  individual vote X
>posts-in-the-last-year.    Of course this would be my first recommendation.
>;-)  A more pertinent mechanism might be individual vote X
>posts-responded-to-in-last-year.  This information / metric should be easy to
>harvest;  if nobody else feels like writing the Perl script to do so, under
>duress I volunteer.
>Hopefully, it won't require this.  Let your voice be heard.  Should FoRK be
>closed to non-members or not?  It's your call...

If we close it, then we won't get all these great opportunities to 
increase our penis size and what not.

Closed, closed, closed.

Even better, don't even allow new subscribers to post for 24 hours. 
The latest trend in spam is to sign up for lists and then drop one 
spam. Then they can sit back and watch the money roll in. Well, if 
they can't post, their accounts get cancelled before they can send...
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