Antigen found =*.exe file

Lucas Gonze
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 14:30:14 -0500

Ay caramba, Signor Sanagendamgagwedweinini, there's just some side effect of the
interaction between Antigen's handling of mail headers and FoRK's forwarder.
It's going to be one of those ultra-picky bugs that causes almost no irritation
and takes a ton of time to fix, so the thing that's going to happen without a
shadow of a doubt is that it'll fall into the cracks.

Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini, said:
> Okey, that means that somehow this list sent the original
> message.  Since NO message goes out with a From: address
> of the list address, can you please forward us the header
> of the message that triggered your antigen?
> Or did Antigen send a message to the Cc list as well?  If
> so, I suggest there *is* something wrong with your arrangement.
> Notifying the sender and any recipients in your domain that
> the message contained a virus is fine -- but notifying everyone
> on the CC list is *not* your responsibility, and can actually be
> regarded as quite rude.. :-)