Antigen found =*.exe file

John Napier of Merchiston
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:43:01 -0800

I apologize if (that) my message was poorly worded.
It was meant to be purely theoretical. I would never
break into someone's house even/especially to prove a point.

What I was trying to argue was the existence of a
vulnerability is not an excuse for exploiting that vulnerability.
We don't maximally secure everything in our lives.
We don't want to have to maximally secure everything in our lives.

We know what the consequences are of having an open list,
and are willing to live with them. To have someone artificially
worsen those consequences to prove their point is the same
sort of logical error as breaking into a house to prove that someone
needs deadbolts or bars on their windows or whatever.
And that's all I was trying to show -- I meant no threat.

- J

At 10/29/2001 02:18 PM, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>Uh, can the lunatics give this guy a break?  He's obviously keeping a cooler
>head than others, plus the original Antigen thing was a completely reasonable
>thing to happen given that Antigen can't know that the recipient is a mail 
>plus the problems of not closing lists to non-subscribers are well known and
>therefore his points on that score can't be new to you.  Cursing, threatening,
>attacking is the purest and ugliest kind of junk to land in a mailbox, much
>worse than a simple bot notification.