Control of immigration

Dave Long
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:46:52 -0800

> Importing engineers, even where that depresses the market for engineers,
> is a good thing.  Not that all of my engineering friends will agree.
> The same is not true for unskilled labor.

How about importing capitalists?

Are they better than engineers,
because they are more affluent,
or are they worse, because they
won't pay in to Social Security?

Where is the line drawn between
skilled and unskilled?  Praising
engineers is easy on FoRK, but
is there an objective measure
which (in the face of increased
supply) puts them on the right
side of the line?

Is it better to have engineers
paying in to Social Security, or
manual laborers?  The former may
well pay in more per capita, but
the latter likely outstrip them
in the aggregate.*


* Does anyone have hard numbers?
I observe that wages/salaries are
largely bounded by a factor of 6,
but engineering density is well
below 14%.

_How The Irish Became White_ may
be useful for earlier xenophobia.