Antigen, spam, threats and penis waving.

Joseph S. Barrera III
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:45:35 -0800

>Incidentally, the penis waving, while funny, is getting a bit tiresome.
>  Aaron needs to move on, and Forkers need to stop egging him on..  I'd
>hate to see FoRK spammed to death on the account of playing a huge game
>of 'My List's dick is bigger than yours!'.  Honestly guys.
>Sometimes I think FoRK needs more estrogen.

My dick is so big that if you count the tiny trace amounts of estrogen
in it, the sheer volume results in a relatively large amount of dick-estrogen.
In fact I claim that I have more dick-estrogen than anyone else on the list.

- Joe