Antigen found =*.exe file

Jeff Bone
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 13:42:17 -0600

Take it somewhere else Aaron, we've said all that needs to be said.  Your
point is noted --- indeed, I agree, FoRK should be closed to
non-subscribers.  Now run along and play elsewhere.


Aaron Blosser wrote:

> Comments like yours, and also from Tom:
> ---
>  "If you cant be held responsable for the email that comes from your
> computer system maybe you should rethink your using that computer
> system.
> Learn the tool or play the fool.
> As to making closed in communities simply becuase there are hordes of
> careless and self imposed ignoramouses...I say we nuke the fuckers back
> to the stone ages and then they will learn ...oh wait wrong thread.
> Actualy, it works here too. Heads up."
> ---
> Just show that you don't know what the FoRK you're talking about when it
> comes to email systems.
> I'm not denying responsibility for what our email server sends out.  In
> fact, I'm proud of the fact that if someone sends a virus or an
> executable to someone at our company, they get a notice back saying it's
> not allowed.  What, should I not let it do that?  Give me a break.
> I'm blaming the FoRK list!  ANY list that simply allows non-subscribers
> to post is asking for all kinds of trouble.  I'm not merely suggesting
> anything anymore --  I'm flat out stating that what our antivirus
> software did was totally, 100% fine, expected, anticipated, and so on.
> If you don't like it, by all means add our mail server to your
> blacklist.
> Out of curiousity, how much *real* spam does your list get because of
> this hare-brained "allow all" policy that nobody remembers voting on?
> And Jeff Bone - what exactly about the message the AV software sent out
> was commercially-oriented?  I'm resisting the urge to flame away, but
> some of the comments being made are just plain dense, as if several of
> you really fail to grasp reality, or are doing so only tenuously.  I
> understand that programming for a living can rob one of perspective and
> social life, but I at least presumed that you all knew an unsolicited
> commercial email from an antivirus warning.  I mean, c'mon! (yes, I'm
> resorting to some sarcastic humor to try and lighten the mood, don't
> take everything so seriously)
> Oh, and considering some of the questionable spelling, perhaps I
> *should* have a spelling bot automatically send back corrections.
> (Another joke!  See?  Life isn't always so serious, is it?)
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> > Aaron,
> >
> > These are good questions.  I challenge Joe Barr's assertion that this
> was
> > the clear will of the subscribers.  It seems to my "Memento"-like
> > recollection that Joe is overapplying something that came up earlier
> > onlist
> > in a different context, perhaps inappropriately.
> >
> > Despite this --- butt the hell out.  Fix your list / spam problem.
> I've
> > never heard of you before, and your commercially-oriented messages
> aren't
> > welcome in my mailbox.  That's my own opinion, not a list opinion:
> have a
> > great life.  Come back if you have something FoRKful to share.
> >
> > jb