Not to change the subject or anything...

Jeff Bone
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 13:52:25 -0600

A buddy of mine that was an amateur stand up comic used to do a bit about those
little packets.  Something about buying a new briefcase and finding one of
those in there.  As if you really would've eaten one --- "oh look, bonus, my
new briefcase came with a snack!"

I don't exactly think he made it to Comedy Central or anything. ;-)


John Napier of Merchiston wrote:

> ... But this weekend I replaced an underwater pump in a little waterfall I
> have.
> When I removed the new pump from its packaging, I noticed it was packed
> with a little desiccant packet ("do not eat"). Now I've seen all sorts of
> things
> come with these packets, but why a pump that will live the rest of its life
> underwater?
> - Joe