PROPOSAL: List moderation Was Re: More Info on penis enlargement

Gordon Mohr
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:18:11 -0800

I'm against blocking non-subscribers. 

I'm also against democratic referenda here. Benevolent despotism 
is optimal for a voluntary community of this size. After speaking 
our minds, the star chamber will decide. We can always "vote with 
our feet" -- allocating attention elsewhere if unhappy with the 
direction here.


There is one way to gate unwanted posts that I haven't 
seen mentioned before, and I don't know if it is in mailman.

When a non-subscribed address posts to the list, hold the 
message until the sender replies to a confirmation message.
Thereafter, treat the sender as an approved poster. 

  - blocks messages from spoofed addresses (incl.
  - minimal inconvenience to casual senders -- much easier than 
  - no moderator-introduced delay, speed of approval is up to
    original sender

Just a thought.

- Gordon

minds, but. 

If non-subscriber messages need to be gated in any way,