Antigen, spam, threats and penis waving.

Jeff Bone
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 14:37:26 -0600

karee wrote:

> See, this is why I like the ability of fork to accept non-subscribers.
> Incidentally, the penis waving, while funny, is getting a bit tiresome.
>  Aaron needs to move on, and Forkers need to stop egging him on..  I'd
> hate to see FoRK spammed to death on the account of playing a huge game
> of 'My List's dick is bigger than yours!'.  Honestly guys.
> Sometimes I think FoRK needs more estrogen.

Without a doubt.  The pent-up testosterone surplus 'round these parts is
astounding.  If some of the folks here onlist were getting laid more often,
things would be much...  calmer.  But then, they'd probably be less
entertaining, too.  Still, worth considering.  Perhaps we need a kind of
FoRK "temple prostitute" organization...  This would both reduce the
testosterone supply and contribute to the estrogen quotient.

;-) ;-)