Changing the Topic: Penis wars begone! I need Laptop advice :)

Mon, 29 Oct 2001 13:25:36 -0800

Alright forkers... 

I posted a bit back about my need to acquire a laptop.  Whelp, I've 
narrowed down the choices considerably, but I want some advice on the 
better of the two.  

First off,the two models in the running: 

Dell INspiron 8100
Toshiba Satellite 5005-s504

SHared Features: 
PIII, 1.1 ghz (speedstep woo) ( The dell squeezes in with a 1.13 ghz)
15" monitor, Super xga 
30gb hd... dvd/cd-rw combo drive
56k modem/10/100 lan combo
Nvidia Geforece to Go Video CArd
IEEE 1394 port, 2 usb ports (yay), tv out and all the standards, 
including IRport (YAY)


- The Dell has less memory -- 128mb sdram standard.  I can add 512mb to 
match the toshiba (which this model comes standard with) for an extra 
$400 (I can find this cheaper)

- The Toshiba's combo drive is slower.. 6x6x24x.  Dell is 8x8x24x, the 
DVD being modular , but included

- Dell will add another 16mb to the video memory (making an even 32mb, 
compared to the Toshiba's unmoving 16mb)

- The warranties prices are about the same, but Dell includes lifetime 
tech support. 

- Toshiba gives me a $100 rebate and the sales droid will lower the cost
 to $2267 total (Dell will charge me $2600).  To be fair, Dell has 
financing (good) and 90-days same as cash (Even better). Toshiba only 
offers said things to their 'business clients'. BAh. 

- Toshiba has a better sound system.  They're using Yamaha soundsystem 
with HArmon Kardon Speakers.  And they have a subwoofer on the bottom.  
I know little if ANYTHING on Dell's sound system.  

- Toshiba does have a special Smartmedia and Secure digital port, and 
apparently an additional USB port. 

- I Have a toshiba (Rohit remembers my sticker-clad 325 CDS.. ITs served
 me well for nearly 4 years.. But I wouldn't mind changing.  

See my deliema?  BAsically I wnat to know if anyone has played with 
these models, and what the general FoRK recomendation is..