Antigen found =*.exe file

Lucas Gonze
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 16:39:45 -0500

Karl, that is a truly nasty thing to do.  Assuming you keep up that very
personal attack, here is my reasoned mail for his employers:

Aaron was completely reasonable and knowledgable, and happened to find himself
getting aggressively flamed by a bunch of very hot heads.  Not only did he keep
his cool and get away from the mess, he cut short the conversation when it was
clearly a distraction from work.  The person who contacted you, Karl Anderson,
acted -- in my humble but nevertheless correct opinion -- irresponsibly.

per Karl Anderson:
> A helper FoRKer (who I won't name just in case he wants to avoid
> having Aaron go BOFH on him) sent me the numbers of Virtuoso Travel's
> main and Seattle (where Aaron works) offices.  I've talked to his
> employers and have forwarded mail to them, and have asked for a
> response.  If anyone wants to send reasoned mail or phone calls, I
> have the numbers and addresses.