Threats, penis waving, gators, and the bayou

Russell Turpin
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 22:06:20 +0000

Tom Whore writes:
>As for estrogen, look what its doing to the aligators:

Oh, great. This will evolve gators with an extra boost of
testosterone, to compensate for the effects. It used to be,
you came across a gator in the bayou, he wasn't really all
that interested. You'd just give him a kick in the snout
with your cowboy boots -- watch for that "blowback" snap
-- and that would be that. Ten years from now, those
supercharged male gators are going to take one look at
those boots, get an oversized hard-on (you had to choose
lizard, you dummy), and then he'll try to tackle you for a
bit of bayou-bumpin'.

It's bad enough that West Nile virus is now confirmed in
Louisiana. Soon, it will be supermale gators. What's next,
for the bayou state?


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