Antigen found =*.exe file

Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:21:48 -0500

ditto. for godsake, antigen sends these messages all the time. check out 
the cypherpunks list archives (google antigen virus cypherpunks) BFD. 
getting people in trouble by ratting them out to their employers...for 
something like this... ?

if there's ever a FoRK gathering that i can attend, i'm gonna get the rest 
of the grrls together. in a chorus line, with a sexy strip tease blues 
number accompanying, armed with inflatable dicks full of hot air, we can do 
the Dick Wave.


At 04:39 PM 10/29/01 -0500, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>Karl, that is a truly nasty thing to do.  Assuming you keep up that very
>personal attack, here is my reasoned mail for his employers:
>Aaron was completely reasonable and knowledgable, and happened to find 
>himself getting aggressively flamed by a bunch of very hot heads.  Not 
>only did he keep his cool and get away from the mess, he cut short the 
>conversation when it was clearly a distraction from work.  The person who 
>contacted you, Karl Anderson, acted -- in my humble but nevertheless 
>correct opinion -- irresponsibly.
>per Karl Anderson:
> > A helper FoRKer (who I won't name just in case he wants to avoid
> > having Aaron go BOFH on him) sent me the numbers of Virtuoso Travel's
> > main and Seattle (where Aaron works) offices.  I've talked to his
> > employers and have forwarded mail to them, and have asked for a
> > response.  If anyone wants to send reasoned mail or phone calls, I
> > have the numbers and addresses.